Flicker-free LED monitor

EYE COMFORT: The latest monitor from BenQ aims to reduce vision-related problems caused by prolonged computer use and fast-flickering displays

A GROWING number of computer users are affected by computer vision syndrome (CVS),  which refers to various eye-  and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer use.

The common symptoms associated with CVS include eye strain and irritation, headaches, blurred and double vision, redness of the eyeballs, dry eyes, eye muscle spasms and neck and shoulder pain.

It is estimated that 60 per cent of the world’s population suffers from one or more of these symptoms.

These problems are also increasingly common among the younger generation because of the constant exposure to computers, tablets and smartphones.

CVS can be prevented or reduced by controlling the lighting and glare on the computer screen and establishing proper posture and distance when using the computer.

It is also imperative to ensure that the display does not flicker.

The flashing effect occurs when the LED backlight controller of the monitor adjusts to changes in brightness level.

A regular monitor backlight can cause quick flickering at 200Hz per second when the brightness is reduced from the maximum level.

When this happens, the human eye, which is sensitive to the slightest signals, strains the ciliary muscle when trying to adjust to the nearly invisible flickering on the screen.

This strain causes computer users to experience eye strain, eye fatigue, headaches or even myopia.

While flicker-free monitors were previously available only for professional use because of their high prices, BenQ has made it possible for everyone to own one.

The company recently launched the world’s first flicker-free VA LED Monitor, which it claims ensures eye comfort and better enjoyment for computer users.

The 27-inch BenQ GW2760HS VA LED monitor, featuring Flicker-free Technology and Senseye Reading Mode, is priced at RM959.

The company also plans to introduce smaller-screened flicker-free models, ranging from 24-inch to 18.5-inch monitors, in the coming months.

The new generation of BenQ flicker-free monitors will feature x Senseye Reading Mode, Automatic Eye-Protect Sensor, Height Adjustment Stand, Smart Reminder and Anti-Glare Display.

The Senseye Reading Mode recreates the comfortable experience of reading actual books by adjusting the monitor’s colour temperature and brightness level.

The Automatic Eye-Protect Sensor detects ambient light levels and automatically adjusts monitor brightness.

The Smart Reminder reminds computer users to take a break at pre-defined time intervals to keep their eyes healthy.

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